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Planning and Strategic Action

Expert Guidance

Need help planning or executing your next project? With over 20 years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At System Wide Solutions, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your organization. We are proud to help shape and improve how you structure and manage your organization. 

System Wide Solutions examines what you are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world. We help your visions become reality with increased efficiency and accountability within your organization. We develop with you a strategic “action plan” that describes the way your organization will meet its objectives through detailed action steps that describe how and when these steps will be taken.

System Wide Solutions helps you have the evidence that you are performing and delivering wanted results by knowing what is happening in real time. We use research design and methodology tailored to point you in the right direction. We conduct comprehensive evaluation and research on your organization, stakeholders and community.


We develop your information systems with a mixed methodology; individual and group interviews, administering surveys and e-surveys, focus groups, reviewing documents, literature review, data management, developing and identifying instruments, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and program observations. We then provide you consultation with written reports, summaries, interpretation of the data to help you with consensus building to facilitate decisions and planning.

Research and Evaluation

Operation Management 

Achieve Goals

Let us help you have meaningful impact at the community level by aligning your work with the organization’s goals. We assist you with compliance for program management by designing curricula and forms, operational manuals, consulting with and training your staff, and developing plans to ensure outcomes are attainable. Our licensed professionals assist with program development from hiring support, form creation, policy and procedure development, training and implementation.

System Wide Solutions recognizes not every organization needs nor can afford full time staff for accounting needs. We offer flexible services to assist you to include accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, payroll, financial reporting and handouts for meetings. 

Training and Presentations

Staff Development

System Wide Solutions recognizes training is an ongoing need for organizations to maintain productivity. We know how to make training interesting, creative and effective. We work with you to develop tailored training to meet the time and needs of your staff. Our trainers can also coach individuals at all organizational levels to be effective in their job roles, including executive coaching and board training.

Our speakers motivate and inspire with powerful presentations. A few examples of topics include: effective management and leadership,  team building, resilience in the workplace, professional ethics, professionalism in the workplace, intervention models for behavior modification, group facilitation, alternative counseling environments, trauma informed care, cultural competency of poverty, promoting social justice, effective supervision, military organization and culture, and working in communities on environmental issues.

Financial Development and Fundraising

Need resources to achieve your plans but not sure where to turn? Let us help you find them.  We assess your current financial status, identify reasonable goals, collaborate to build a strategy, and execute.

System Wide Solutions develops with you a variety of tools to help launch you into expanding your revenue through grant writing, identifying requests for proposals, proposal writing, newsletters, social media campaigns, fundraising efforts and event planning.

Database Development and Cloud Services Migration

Maintaining Input

Need a database that is built to meet your needs and is easy to navigate? System Wide Solutions develops and maintains specialized databases tailored for your organization to track activities and outcomes in order to manage operations and measure goal and objective attainment. We also help you report to funding sources as they require.

Your business can run without an onsite server, traditional software, or an internally managed data center. Migration to the cloud will often give you increased productivity with faster computers, decreased overhead, easier interface for the user, better business insights and fewer IT headaches. The cloud is securely encrypted, with high-speed data connections that are always up-to-date and easier to operate. Contact us to get a free estimate.

Organizational Growth

Tracking Outcomes

Over 350 Clients and Counting


Client Testimonials


SWS staff are knowledgeable and responsive. They worked with us to refine our strategic plan so that it aligns with our mission of building a more diverse and inclusive state. They are now helping us put the plan into action through programs that can effectively achieve our goals and create  a sustainable organization.

Barbara Rackes, President

South Carolina Women in Leadership

Our Team

Where the Passion Begins


Lauren T. Wilkie

Founders/Employee Emeritus


George W. Appenzeller

George practices in both the macro and micro social work fields. He co-founded SWS in 1997. He is licensed as a clinical social worker and as an advanced macro social worker (required to do independent research and evaluation as a social worker in South Carolina). He received his family therapy training at the Medical University of South Carolina, his additional child welfare training at the National Child Welfare Leadership Center of the University of North Carolina, and his initial adventure therapy training from Project Adventure. He is also licensed as an LPC and holds certification as an ACSW and CSWM, in addition to his LCSW licenses in NC and VT.

Mr. Appenzeller has directed over 350 federally funded research and evaluation projects over a 48-year career. He has worked therapeutically with approximately 2,000 children and youth, largely ones in therapeutic foster care placements, special needs adoption, and community and school mental health programs. Mr. Appenzeller worked with SC state government for 22 years. He first worked in the state alcohol and drug abuse agency as the Director of Intervention Programs, the Assistant to the Agency Director and the Director of Quality Assurance and Research. He then became the Director of Quality Assurance, Research and Evaluation for federally funded child welfare and health services at the SC Department of Health and Human Services. He subsequently was the director of the Social Work Clinic of the University Specialty Clinics at the University of South Carolina.



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