Program Evaluation

System Wide Solutions is the “go to” place to get the information you need to make decisions about how best to help your child, youth or family program be more successful or demonstrate it is evidence based. Last year alone, we worked with over 150 programs to gather, interpret and use the information they needed to achieve their goals. Some of these programs covered entire states and some were as small as a single afterschool program at a single school. We give the same attention to all our customers, no matter what the size.

SWS provides these services for school, out-of-school-time, juvenile justice, social service, long term care, disability and other programs. We are a Carolinas company, independent and owned by its employees. We are big enough to take on most jobs but small enough to pay attention to the specific needs of your program. We’ve been around for over 15 years. Our staff is both young and older, with fresh ideas and with experience. We know time and money are precious in these trying times, so we conduct high quality work at low cost. We support you in meeting your goals for your clients or students by providing your team with the kind of information you need to continuously improve your programs. We help you answer three questions- What? So What? Now What?

So What?
Now What?

To know what is happening with your students, in your schools, in your community with your program, you need to answer the question What? We can help you do that through:

  • Online, real time information systems designed for you that use data downloaded from your existing systems.
  • Focus groups.
  • Interviews.
  • Surveys.
  • Document reviews.
  • Program observations.

All the information in the world won’t do you any good unless it has meaning to you. We can help you with that through:

  • Ready-made statistical reports in the information systems we develop for you that are available 24/7.
  • Analysis of qualitative data, like focus groups and interviews.
  • Statistical analysis of quantitative data.
  • Combining analysis of qualitative and quantitative data together.
  • Providing consultation to help you think through findings and interpretations.

Once you understand and have given meaning to information, it is time to decide what to do. SWS will help you with that by:

  • Facilitating and documenting discussions and decisions.
  • Providing written reports and summaries.
  • Helping develop plans and schedules.
  • Providing expertise when possible.

Recent Customers

  • South Carolina Department of Education - 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • South Carolina Department of Education - Office of Student Intervention Services
  • South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice
  • USC Children's Law Center
  • Laurens School District 55
  • Hampton School District One
  • Spartanburg Public Safety
  • HOPE worldwide
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of the Upstate
  • Orangeburg School District 5
  • 11th Judicial Circuit Solicitor's Office of SC
  • Town of Lexington, SC
  • Fairfield County Mental Health Clinic
  • Urban League of the Upstate
  • SC Department of Mental Health
  • Vermont State Department of Education